House of Kite | Sherwin Ng

Named after the sacred Kite bird of Isis, The House of Kite is a holistic space dedicated to energy medicine, meditation, personal wellness, and alternative healing. The Kite bird represents the alchemical wisdom of Isis, the 'breath of life' used to resurrect her murdered husband Osiris. Drawing upon this inspiration, the founder hopes that the House of Kite will become a place for people to rediscover – and 'resurrect' – their former selves, through the understanding of energy, meditation, and manifestation.

At the main hallway, the lotus fountain of Ganesha oversees the entire space. Ganesha is the elephant-headed Hindu divinity also known as the 'Remover of Obstacles', and is associated with protection, abundance, and smooth-journeys. The sound of water inspires tranquility, instantly enabling one to relax… and healing can already begin at a sub-conscious level.

All meditation workshops, group healing, and training take place within the Isis Hall, four hundred square feet of serenity that overlooks green trees and morning sunlight from the east. As its name suggests, this hall is dedicated to Isis, the Divine Mother of Healing, Magick, and Spiritual Science. Those who have meditated here are amazed by the calming, purifying energies of this space.

All private healing sessions are directed into the Sekhmet Chamber. This space is overcast by the color of turquoise, which precipitates the natural healing abilities of the human body. Dedicated to the the Lion Goddess Sekhmet, all who seek healing in this chamber often awaken to a new, energized, positive self-reality. Sekhmet is the Goddess of Fire, Healing, and Ultimate Transformation.

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