Karmic Release Healing | Soul Retrieval Healing

Karmic ties and past experiences that have embedded themselves into our energy body causes us to sometimes react with an inexplicable sense of anger, fear, attachment, or sometimes even pity, to specific people and situations around us. Typically, Karmic Release is done during your second session – the first session is used for clearing, realigning, and introducing your energy body to the Isis blue healing light. This allows your body to start healing itself gradually.

Karmic Release then deals with deeply seeded energy-imprints that impede your physical health and spiritual development on more intricate levels – childhood events, trauma, and unresolved pain – and in many cases, wounds and imprints from various past lives/existences. This includes attachments and vows made in previous existences that no longer serve your higher purpose in this present life. Removing these burdens allow for more fulfilling relationships to occur now. In some cases, this can cause a person to detach themselves from toxic/abusive relationships. Often, Karmic imprints are causes of chronic health issues like migraine, fatigue, and depression – as well as severe health issues like cancer, schizophrenia, and psychosomatic disorders.

Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess of Fire and Transformation Healing, guides this activation.

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